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Dorothy and her dog, Toto, find themselves lost in the magical land of Oz.
They follow the Yellow Brick Road toward the Emerald City in search of the Wizard. On their adventure they meet a Scarecrow, a Tin Man who, and a Cowardly Lion who all need the Wizards help. Would you like to join them?

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Wonderful Wizard of OzBedtime Story Co
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Bedtime Story Co star

Dorothy lived in a tiny house with her Uncle Henry and Aunty Em. 


Outside, Uncle Henry worked on the land, and inside, Aunt Em kept the house tidy.


Dorothy's best friend was her little dog, Toto.


Toto was small and fluffy, and always ready to play.




One day, the sky turned grey and windy.


Uncle Henry looked around and said, "The big wind is coming."


Dorothy hugged Toto, watching the grass dance in the wind.


"It's time to go to our underground safe spot." said Aunt Em. 


Just then, the wind roared louder, and the house shook. 


All of a sudden, the house lifted into the sky!


It twirled up and up. 


Inside the spinning house, it was like being rocked gently.


Dorothy and Toto cuddled on her bed, curious about what would happen next.

The house rocked for what seemed like hours, and now Dorothy was sleepy.


Outside, the wind sang, but inside, they felt snug.


Dorothy closed her eyes, holding Toto, and they both drifted off to sleep.

Dorothy and Toto from the Wizard of Oz
Dorothy's Farm House from the Wonderful Wizard of Oz


Dorothy woke up.


The house was still!


She opened the door and saw a very colourful world.


There was green grass, bright flowers, and fruit trees. 

A nice lady in a pink dress and a shiny hat came to Dorothy.


She said Dorothy was a hero for stopping the Mean Witch.


Dorothy didn't understand, she didn't remember doing anything like that.

The lady explained that the house flying through the sky scared the Mean Witch and made her run away.


The lady told Dorothy there are good witches and bad ones.


This lady was a Good Witch who wanted to help.

Dorothy wanted to go back to Kansas but didn't know how.


The Good Witch said to ask the Great Wizard in the Emerald City for help.


Dorothy was sad but the Good Witch gave her some magic red shoes and told her to follow the yellow brick road to find the Wizard. 


Then, the Witch disappeared. 


The Good Witch from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Green Grass and Flowers from The Wizard of Oz
The Yellow Brick Road Wizard of Oz

Walking on the yellow brick road, Dorothy saw pretty farms and round blue houses.


She took a little break and saw a Scarecrow in a field.


Dorothy walked up to him, but he was stuck and couldn't come down.


Dorothy helped him, and the Scarecrow was so happy to be free.


He wanted to go with Dorothy and ask the Great Wizard for brains.


Dorothy thought that was a good idea, so they started walking together.

Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz

Dorothy, her straw friend, and Toto walked along the yellow brick road.


Dorothy told the Scarecrow all about her home in Kansas, and how she missed it. 


Then, they heard a sound.


It came from a Tin Man who looked sad because he couldn't move. 


Dorothy used an oil can to make the Tin Man's arms and legs move again. 


The Tin Man wanted a heart, so he decided to go with Dorothy and the Scarecrow to ask the powerful Wizard for help. 


He told a story about how he used to chop wood and was in love with someone, but a Mean Witch made him all tin, and he couldn't love anymore, because he didn't have a heart.


The Scarecrow wanted to be smart, the Tin Man wanted a heart, and Dorothy wanted to go home.


Together, they kept going, hoping the Wizard could make their wishes come true.

The Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz

Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Toto, and the Tin Man followed the yellow brick road.


All of a sudden, they heard a big "ROAR!" A huge lion jumped out! 

Toto started to bark and the Lion started to cry.


Dorothy was surprised, a big Lion afraid of a small dog?


The Lion told them he wished he was brave.


Dorothy and her friends felt sad for him and they shared their adventure story with the Lion.


Dorothy missed home, the Scarecrow wanted to be smart, the Tin Man wanted a heart.


The Lion decided to go with them, hoping to get bravery from the Great Wizard of Oz. 


The Lion from the Wizard of Oz

The sun was setting so they made a cosy place under a tree.


Dorothy made a fire to keep warm and the Scarecrow covered her with dry leaves for warmth, as she drifted off to sleep.


In the morning they continued on their adventure, until they came to a big ditch they couldn't cross.


The Lion thought of a brave plan to jump over with each friend on his back.

One by one, he carried them across. He was really brave, even though he was scared. 

They then reached a big river that they had to cross.


The Tin Man was worried about everyone so he started making a raft for them to all safely float across.

A tree and a campfire
River in the Wizard of Oz

After crossing the big river, Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Toto, the Tin Man, and the Lion followed the yellow brick road again.


They saw a field of beautiful red flowers.


The flowers were called Poppies, and they smelled very sweet.

As they walked through the poppies, Dorothy and the Lion started to feel very sleepy.


"I want to nap," said Dorothy, yawning.


The Lion nodded because he felt sleepy too.

They realised it was the poppies that made them sleepy, but they had no way to carry Dorothy and the Lion out of the flower field.

Just then, tiny snowflakes started to fall, gently waking up Dorothy and the Lion. 

The soft snowstorm was sent by the good witch.


She was watching over them, keeping them safe.


Poppy Field in the Wizard of Oz

The road became brighter, and soon they saw a city shining in the distance.


It was the Emerald City, where the Great Wizard lived.

The city entrance was tall and green.


A kind gatekeeper let them in after they told him about their wishes.

Inside the city, everything was green and sparkled.

They walked down the shiny green streets, looking for the Wizard.

Finally, they stood in front of a big, green palace.


Dorothy knocked on the door.

The Emerald City for Wizard of Oz

The big door opened, and they went inside a large room.


It was dark, but they could hear a loud voice.

"I am the Great Wizard of Oz," the voice said.


Dorothy told him about their wishes: to go home, to be smart, to have a heart, and to be brave.

The Wizard's voice was kind but mysterious.


He said, "I will help you, but first, you must help me."

He wanted them to bring back the broom of the Wicked Witch, the Mean Witch's Sister.

He wanted to rid all evil in Oz.


Only then would he make their wishes come true.

Dorothy and her friends were scared but agreed.

The Wizard of Oz

They left the Emerald City, feeling a little scared but also brave.

They walked through forests and hills. 

Each of them thinking about what they wish for the most.

Dorothy missed her Kansas home, where she could run in big, open spaces.

The Scarecrow imagined having lots of smart thoughts in his head, curious about everything around him.

The Tin Man hoped for a heart to feel happy and sad things, believing it would make him complete.

The Lion dreamed about being the bravest of all, roaring loud and proud.

Together, they walked on, ready to face the Wicked Witch, for their wishes and for their friends.

Forest and Hills from the Wizard of Oz

After a long journey, Dorothy and her friends saw a dark castle on a hill.


It was the home of the Wicked Witch.

They walked up to the castle, trying to be brave.


The witch saw them coming and was angry.


She didn't want anyone taking her broom.

The Wicked Witch sent out her flying monkeys to capture Dorothy and her friends.


The monkeys swooped down and picked them up, carrying them to the castle.

Inside the castle, the Witch laughed and took Dorothy's magic red shoes.


But she didn't know how to use them.

Dorothy was scared but remembered her friends needed her.


She looked around for a way to escape.

Flying Monkeys from the Wizard of Oz

In the castle, Dorothy found a bucket of water.


Just then, the Witch tried to grab Toto.

Dorothy, trying to protect her little dog, accidentally splashed water on the witch.


The witch was scared of water and ran away, dropping her broom as she fled.

Dorothy took the Witch's broom, and found her friends to tell them all about it.


Excited, they were ready to go back to the Wizard of Oz.

Witches Broom from the Wizard of Oz

Back at the Emerald City, Dorothy and her friends gave the broom to the Wizard.


They reminded him of their wishes.

Suddenly Toto ran behind a big green curtain revealing the real 'Wizard' who was hiding there.

 It was time he told the truth.


"I am not a real Wizard at all. I'm just a man from a small town."

But he wanted to help.


He gave the Scarecrow a diploma for being smart, the Tin Man a heart-shaped ticking clock and the Lion a medal for bravery.

To Dorothy, he promised to take her home in his hot air balloon.

The Wizard showed them that sometimes, what we're looking for is already inside us.


We just need to believe in ourselves to see it.

Wizard of Oz Behind the Curtain
Hot Air Balloon from Wizard of Oz
Dorothy Wizard of Oz Red Shoes

The next day, Dorothy and her friends said goodbye.


The Wizard and Dorothy got into the hot air balloon.

But as the balloon started to go up, Toto jumped out, and Dorothy went after him.


The balloon flew away without them.

Dorothy was sad but then the Good Witch appeared again.


The Good Witch told Dorothy that the shoes were magic and if she clicked her heels together three times and said "There's no place like home" she will be taken back to Kansas.

In a blink, Dorothy and Toto were back in Kansas, with Aunt Em and Uncle Henry.


They were so happy to see her.

Dorothy suddenly felt very tired, a soft, comforting tiredness that comes from being exactly where your heart feels safe.


The familiar sights and sounds of Kansas wrapped around her like a warm blanket. 

And so, Dorothy's journey in the waking world had ended, but in the land of dreams, it continued.


Each night, as she lay sleeping, she was comforted by the knowledge that the magic of Oz was never far away.

Dorothy and Toto Sleeping from the Wizard of Oz

Goodnight little one

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