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About Us

Our Story

Welcome to our cosy corner of Bedtime Story Co. A lovingly crafted sanctuary founded by two parents, Mark and Gemma, who started their journey on a quest for the "perfect bedtime".


'After the birth of our little one, we started a personal quest to find the perfect bedtime content, which blossomed into a cherished mission of content creation to ease bedtime routines for families everywhere.'

Bedtime Story Co. is not just a brand, it's our family's passion project born out of sheer necessity. When our little one came into our lives, nighttime suddenly felt like an intricate ballet, one that neither of us had trained for. Between the sleepless nights and bedtime struggles, we knew there had to be a better way. Our hunt for peaceful, engaging, and non-stimulating bedtime content for our child turned into something more, a heartfelt mission to serve our family and families like yours.


I'm Gemma, the narrator and editor who gently walks you and your children through our stories. Beside me is Mark, the artistic wizard who creates minimalist, yet soulful visuals which add the magic of imagery to our stories.

As a mother, Gemma understands the profound relief of finally getting her child to sleep. And unique approach to content, darker themes, soft animations, and still imagery, isn’t just about aesthetics. They are lovingly created to accompany each narrative, designed by a father deeply attuned to a child's minimalistic beauty and needs, to embrace the darkness of the night, allowing for a peaceful transition to sleep. We ensure our that our stories and visuals are sensitive to children with special needs, including those living with ADHD, autism, and epilepsy. Because every child deserves a calming trip to dreamland.

We aim to make bedtime less about the struggle and more about enriching young minds, one soothing narrative at a time. Our dream is for Bedtime Story Co. to be the lighthouse in your nightly routines everywhere, guiding parents and toddlers to a better night's sleep each night.

So, as you join us on this whimsical journey through enchanted forests and tranquil oceans, know that each word is imbued with a personal touch, every illustration an expression of love and understanding. Because we don’t just create bedtime stories, we craft stories designed to help you and your little ones wind-down, learn, and drift peacefully into the land of dreams.

From our family to yours, thank you for becoming a part of our extended family. Goodnight little dreamers and sweet dreams.

Wilder Bedtime Story Co

Little Team

We are a small family team, composed of Gemma the narrator and editor, Mark the designer and our little baby Wilder, who is our chief product tester and milk drinker.

Gemma Bedtime Story Co
Mark Bedtime Story Co

Your Feedback Shapes Our Stories

As we are a kids YouTube channel, comments are turned off and we do not receive much feedback.


We would love to hear if you and your little one are enjoying our content, or perhaps you have an idea for a story? Let us know, your feedback means so much to us.

Thank you for your message!

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